Thursday, June 25, 2009

Pit Stop..

I had tears in my eyes. And all the exhaustion compensates when I know I made someone happy. I might be clueless and uncertain of my choices in life. At times frustrated and confused. But for now, I'll accept this as a calling in my life.

Thank you to those people who have been with me and shaped me to who I have become today.

My Family~~without adik~~

~~ My siblings ~~


Ismail Zakaria cums my good listener and back bone...

Mai and Ameer too...

Thursday, June 18, 2009

My pic of Neo again..Got Neo??

Got neo?

Smart kan??


From front of my car!!

Safety bullet tint..
by Special Forces Group (Airborne)
"gelap gilerss"

Nampak ganas kan...
Like sniping on urbanized terrain

This is the engine

Like i said..mmg gelap!!

Certificate by JPJ and Royal Malaysia Police (RMP)
Thanks to Ismail Zakaria..coz helping me on this..doing tinted and ect for my car...

Friday, June 12, 2009

My Baby Boo Neo!!

This mine...

Satria Neo

WSN 567

This is smart..

White...i love WHITE...
Baby boo Neo CPS...WSN 567

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My car Neo CPS ~~ WSN ***

Eja and Me at car wash Ampang

Posing laa Eja..

Eja xcited with my car...

She loves that car...

Dear bloggers
This my car..NEO CPS,White color, WSN ***
100% tinted and warranty by JPJ and Royal Malaysian Police, Bukit Aman...
Thanks to **E**

ASEAN-Republic of Korea, Commemorative Summit

ASEAN-Republic of Korea
Commemorative Summit
31st May 2009 to 2nd June 2009
Jeju Island, Korea

ASEAN-Republic of Korea
Commemorative Summit

International Departure

Waiting at McD

New Private Jet
PM's private jet..yoohaa!!amaze!!