Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Work and Vacation in one short!!

Another crazy thing done last 2 weekend.......Langkawi Island for one night.....started because of ME had to go to Alor Star and Sg Petani for business trip for my group, by car and drive by me but i wanted Mai to follow becoz her husband was in Kolej Tentera Udara (KTU) in Alor Star…hahaha, this the time for me to bring them out to Langkawi for simple2 honeymoon trip!!and one more thing my trip this time I think very safe u know, we are guarding by 4 tuff man from Unit Tindak Khas (UTK), kebetulan they have trip with Tun Mahathir for Riding Endurance in Langkawi..thanks to my bro mail coz spent his team time for us for 2 usual mai and ameer are damn tengah semput that they can't afford fully 100% to go to alor star and langkawi becoz almaklum laa baru selesai majlis....but here's the best deal....i’m willing to paid for the whole trip.....the fuel, tolls, food and what else…but hotel in Langkwi just for RM100 per night/king size bed, they paid by them self......that all i think.....So after much consideration....mai and ameer agreed for the craziest road trip I've done.

Friday, 200309

Im in Alor Star having my business work and journey only take 3 and half hours to Alor Star from Wangsa Maju~HornBird Restaurant~Bukit Aman~Jalan Duta~Alor Star~Jitra. Seriously my car really fuel saving car, it only took RM85 of fuel to get to Jitra from Kuala Lumpur. After fuelling at Shell Jalan Duta, we started our trip.

Very long journey, work load…gilerss…around 2.30am taking my bath and go to sleep..

Saturday, 210309

7am to 1pm, work, work, work...Arrieved at Jetty Kuala Kedah 2.00pm, took the ferry to Pulau Langkawi at 2.30pm. Arrived Langkawi Island at 4pm. Goshh!! Langkawi really changed…last time I was in Langkawi was form 2 or something laa…dammm…try to called my friend Lynn, Inspector in IPD Langkawi…hampa, die kat Maktab Polis Cheras, ade training Sexxual lorr..

Saturday, 210309, 4.15PM

Got our car, the UTK team dapat V6 and we went to Pantai Cenang to check in at our was call Best Star Hotel. Nak check in at Sheraton macam rugi je. Boleh je when u go jalan-jalan with org kuat Negara..hahaha. Cenang Beach....the beach was so damn nice. The sand was white and soft, u can bury a corpse there easily...hahahahahahhaha....anyway, didn't get to test the water as it was pack with people and we didn't wore the proper attire.

Saturday, 210309, 6.15PM

After checking in at 5.15 PM, we chilled at the hotel, I'm so tired becoa after I finish my work, I have to rushing to jetty Kuala Kedah and that’s why im so tired. Im rushing today!! Took my bath and watch television. It was King Kong the animated series on the tv. Waited until the show finished, it finished with King Kong fighting a T-Rex.

One fine Saturday evening, a bunch or urbanites set out in search for a fun time at the beach.

We went out walking around the Cenang shops, looking for cool place to hang out and end up chilling at the Alia Restaurant eating mee goreng with telur mata and mee hailam. We went to bandar Kuah and jalan-jalan shopping. After that not to miss the important part of Langkawi, we went to have ikan bakar and seafood.. Yummy....simple yet delicious.

Sunday, 220309, 12.15AM

I finished my job and we went chilling at Cenang Beach, i went there to see my friends and to have few drinks. Anyway the play seems promising but not my taste laaa...but still OK laaaaaaa...if u want excitement at night time. Didn't manage to go to Babylon and Yellow something....

Sunday, 220309, 2.15AM

Sleeping time.............

Sunday, 220309, 8.00AM

Woke up and prepare to go to the beach, breakfast provided and Sunbathing session. Went to the beach but no mood for sunbathing as the beach was damn bored.....we walked all the way till we meet one guy called Abg Nan and offered 3 of us to have boating to Pulau Dayang Bunting, Eagle Look Up Point and …..ect.We agreed and pack things for the adventures journey by boat around 9.15am.

Sunday, 220309, 1.30PM

Arrived hotel around 1.00pm.Everybody rushed packing and taking bath as our ferry was on 6.30PM. Go and have sea view at Gunung Mat Cincang, naik cable car!! After that, we go and have our nice cendol pulut, laksa, mee rebus and pasembuq with the sea view…tenang beb!! Then we rush to Airport Langkawi untuk hantar all the UTK people tuu untuk memulakan tugas…After that 3 of us start our journey to Pekan Kuah to buy things and balik Alor Star!! Arrive jetty at 5.30pm. We buy tickets for 4 person, 6.30pm. Extra ticket tu for Ameer’s frenz.

Sunday, 220309, 8.30PM

Reached the Kuala Kedah jetty, went to our car and directly shoot to Alor Star. Having our dinner at Nasi Lemak yg famous in Alor Star..lupe laa that name..After makan-makan, go to Kolej Tentera Udara to drop Ameer’s frenz..than shoot to Jitra and I want to sleep!! Penat nye..

Monday, 230309, 12.30AM

Sleeping time..

Monday, 230309, 7.00AM

I and Mai start our journey back to KL. Singgah and have our milo panas at Bukit Gantang R&R.

Reached Jalan Duta 11.15AM. have to rush coz Mai have to start her work at 2PM..nasib laa beb.


Dear readers, expect once again for new posts & new announcements to be available on this blog.

After grueling months, today is the big day whereby the Project has gone live!

There are short sighs of relieve and room to breathe from everyone in the team until tomorrow, when we are on full gear again for the Wave2 of the Project covering Korea and Japan.

I am also happy to report that gone are the days when I only get to have 3 hours of interrupted sleep dreaming of my presentation slides.

One of my personal project and assignment had been executed successfully yesterday.

I am one happy but exhausted soul.

Going to leave the office on time today!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dont ever-ever disturb me..if NOT..

Is it you know they work for whom? With whom?
I've learned a lots from them...shooting,diving,tracking ect!!!!???

What can i talk about this guy~~Bro Mail~~RMP

I like his sandle...hahaha

He bring me to this place...MOTORCROSS..

See the 'kanak2' pun berani to try this..


He likes to ask and want me to answer!!

Story telling time...Once upon a time...

This true eyes tell me everything bout life...He help me a lots when **** and family **** "buat taik" to me...

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Start All over Again

As much as I'm loving the going-ons in my life, I cant help but still ponder on my current post breakup scenario.

Like it or not,I will label myself as a girl on the prowl for her Mr.Right.(eerrrrgghhh, I hate groupies but I am in that group!)

It is overwhelming sometimes to think I'm back into this dating scene.

Im certainly not an amateur on this for I have had, mind you,numerous breakups, been through it the whole way and bounced back right up.

But to start all over again at this age, the only word I can think of at this moment is darn TIRING.
Because although this might seem interesting and giddy at first, the novelty of it all wears off.
I do not have the energy nor the patience anymore.

Not at least to start all those pre-couplehood, mushy-mushy,Im-on- cloud-9 thinggy. All I want is to take the shortcut, skip the pre-dating scene and just welcome the comfort feeling of couplehood.

NO more of playing games.

Is that too much to ask?

Being single at this stage in my life is seriously odd.

And sometimes scary.

That is no joke.

It is to the extent that I wake up at 4am on most nights, worrying how much longer I'd be attached with this 'single status, and the thought (In case you forgot, I am no superwoman) looming over me on my 'abilities' to attract those blokes.

For as long as I can remember, I've always been part of a pair.

My friends tell me to relax.

The somewhat cliche phrase I often receive from them, "Alar, you petik jari ajer and guys will be lining up".Tapikan,from my last psychic evaluation, I petik jari, I tengok around, but takder pape pun.;p

Lagi satu, what is the connotation of "petik jari" and attracting YOUR kind of guy?Tak masuk akal sungguh. Kalau petik jari, yang datangnyer itik, but in reality what you were hoping for is ayam, then how?(Nyehhhhheheheheh..) ;)

It is also awkward now, when my slightest attention towards the opposite sex can be misinterpreted and classified as liking or have an interest to start a relationship. Aiyooohhhh, banyak pening kepala cope with this handful of love seeking guys.

I might sound desperate but I am not a psycho that I would be soo eager to jump into the bandwagon of the I-love-you's just because we've gone out on a few dates together.

Please, the minimum requirement and rule of thumb is to have the chemistry flowing, first.Let's not even talk about finding the 'spouse material'. It's very much slim pickings these days.

I just want an open relationship. The ego factor put aside,where anything can be said in a conversation without any hidden agenda.Bringing the best of each other through care, respect and commitment.

And of course both must have an ulimate devotion towards the relationship.

Again, is that too much to ask?

The Secret says that you must ask first and the universe will answer.

So I am asking NOW. And I'm more than ready to receive the guy.

Please let the universe work in tandem with the need for my kind of guy.

Oh, pretty please.

You Complete Me

The tears have dried.

Im not sure why Im feeling melancholy and all mushy.

(It's as if you've never left me before this.)

I know it's just temporary and this arrangement will somehow sort itself and somehow I'll adapt to it.

I know I am a survivor.

I was teary-eyed in the car just before you send me home, teary-eyed once i got in the house and crying myself uncontrollably while on the phone with you.

I think it all boils down for having you with me for the few past days.

I've been spoiled and it's been one of the best times in my life.

And I'm missing you now.

To be in love is the greatest thing but it is also the hardest.

Why does my heart suddenly filled with so much fear?

What does the fear speak for?

Maybe, it is knowing that i've fallen too deep this time.

So deep, it's hard to handle any hiccups along the way.

Maybe, that doesnt make sense..

Maybe, you just complete me..

And having you away, leaves me with half of my heart.

And that realization, terrifies me.. :(

Bakso Selayang~~080309

Thanks Ezan for the bakso..thanks to ur sis too kerana sudi membulanje kan bakso itu utk izzati..and of coz the kuih kochi and donut sira from SEGAMAT..

redah the traffic jam just bcoz of the bakso and ole2 from Segamat..

And at last i have this for my dinner...bakso, donut sira and kuih kochi

My Weekends~~Makan-makan time favourite..

Singgang~Telur Dadar~Ayam Goreng Kunyit~Sambal Belacan~Ulam2

Tea O Ais and Coffee

This the restaurant~~Selera Ramai 1 Ikan Singgang

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Hidup Ini

Hidup ini penuh warna...
Warna Warni Kehidupan...

Bowink nye!!!!
Any idea for meyh???

Monday, March 2, 2009

I'm Back!

After a short time away from my personal blog, I finally decided it's time to bare it all,again.

Lantak lar aper org nak cakap.

They are not the ones determining my life and also my happiness.
Say what you want, I just simply do not have the energy to layan anymore.
My mantra is now "Anything remotely stupid to be said to a person, I shall just ignore"
And also I've decided to become wiser, if not the bigger adult.

As long as we're not bound by blood, I don't give a hoot of what anyone thinks of me.
Well apparently,in my pursuit to find peace and quiet,I found out a lot about you;my readers.
From your barrage of emails penetrating through my friendster and my personal accounts,on words of encouragement,to those knocking mails asking for invitations for access, not to mention those somewhat reflection of funny fan mails, I thank you. :)

On some days, when the workload overpowers the workings of the brain, those are my mood lifters.

However,contrary to my believe where my blog is just a way of me expressing some stupid,petty stuff, I acknowledge now that there are more of you who benefit from this humble blog of mine and I am touched by your honesty in saying so.
You don't find a lot of girls in this part of region who are willing to express themselves to a stranger.(known only through the virtual world).
And at the rare times they do, it can be unbelievable.

This song below is also part of the catalyst for my decision.

We are family
I got all my brothers & sister with me
We are family
Get up everybody and sing
Everyone can see we're together
As we walk on by(FLY!) and we fly just like birds of a feather
I won't tell no lie(ALL!) all of the people around us they say
Can they be that close
Just let me state for the record
We're giving love in a family dose

To which I know that no matter how bad the situation is, how difficult the tides are,I still have a wonderful loving family, giving their fullest support n especially my loving cousins and aunts. The female clan of the Arif family.And for which, I am most thankful and count my blessings day in, day out.