Saturday, August 25, 2012


It's been a while I've not written anything in this blog. Ahh, I am not that busy actually. Just kinda lazy lately to share eventhough there were many exciting events happened in the past few months. Now, I do not know which one to put first.

But, I think, I better forgo that aforesaid stories as I have more exciting journey to embark in September onwards. Tough ones though but I am excited as this will mark a new chapter of my life.

Well, my journey? It's going to be an approximately few years’ journey that I am not sure whether I will make it to the end. So many possibilities. But as what my blog is saying, take one day at a time. Besides putting all my effort, all that I need to do is to down on my knees praying to God and utter my request. ‘Lord, You see our journey as we encounter challenges. The days can be exhaustingly long, yet You give us everything we need to be successful in our tasks. Thank You for offering Your extravagant joy to us as our source of strength. Help us to remember this joy when we need it most.’-Amen
Watch out..i wanna share some photos with all my readers :)
I love to cook... my restaurant will be open soon!!!

Always 'bye bye' to my lovers :( - one of my tickets
btw ENRICH is the richers!! hehe


Friday, August 24, 2012

I mish blogging...

Hi there!
I know it's been a long time since I get the chance to update my dearest blog. I feel so incomplete for the past few months till now for not updating my blog and I rarely open it since because of my hectic schedule in my work. I want to share lots of things about what I'm up to from my wishlist to my personal issues in life but I think I need to work for it carefully.. HAHA. You know it's very normal to encounter problems in life but sometimes it's really hard to solve them.
There are times that we almost give up because of hurtful feelings and we cannot take it anymore. Honestly, until now I don't have any idea if how I have able to solve and overcome my problems and frustrations in my life for the past few months.
Maybe, I always think the pros and cons of every step I make so that things will get smoother each day plus, I always get the strength from HIM. Mind you, my problems were not the typical "problem" that people have.
Moving forward, I just wanna share that I'm getting addict in INSTAGRAM.
I know almost all of you are using the App because it's really fun.
Come i wanna share something with all my bloggers it out ya
Some of my favourites.
I miss words.
I miss blogging.
I miss you all.
psst..i already start my new journey, new begins..always pray for my best and also to all my lovers out there..muachachassss
*izzati shafii*