Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bright as Sunshine

Today, a colleague sent me this email:
"Now I can see you smiling a bit..."

Is it that apparent?
Yes, I have A REASON to SMILE today.
Thank you GOD.
My prayers have been answered.

Mom's ASKED me to DELETE..

Mama sorry for the wrong i did..

MPV Exora

I will be part of the committee for MPV EXORA Launching!!!!
Thanks to Kak Ana also Kak Amzi.
Im the protonians...

Tuesday, February 24, 2009



Today, somehow, I lost hope.

Today, I dont feel like being here.

Today, I want to curl up in bed and shut myself from the world.

Why does it hurt so bad

Why do I feel so sad


I was over you

But I keep crying..

So why does it hurt so bad

I thought I had let you go

So why does it hurt me so

I gotta get you outta my head

It hurts so bad

My Frenz..MAI..

Me ~ Assalamualaikum..Hello..
Her ~ W'salam, oitt ko katne??
Me ~ Uit! aku kat pasar malam laa, beli barang dapur dgn bibik aku since mama and ayah aku takde beb!
Her ~ Haha!wanita sungguh ngko nih..Jom lepak2 king and jalan2..aku nak bagi ko card kawen nehh..
Me ~ Hurm, tunggu laa, lagi 20minit aku jemput ko ek..
Her ~ Okey zati..aku tunggu ko..Bye
Me ~ Bye..(dalam kesedihan malam, kawan baik ku akan kawen!!)
On my way home to send my bibik..aku terfikir, cam sedih pulak skrg coz my good sis/frenz is getting married next week!!!!uwaaaaa!!

mai,ameer..camne if nanti nak hang outs lagi..korang dah kawen..i know d answer..ko boleh ajak abg mail and kak yati also anak2 dia jejalan..heheheh..cehh ayat yg biase korang guna untuk aku..but aku happy, at least i have my family, bro mail, kak yati and anak2..akmal, nadjmi and haikal my king tutt also my achong and team G1 yg dekat di hati walaupun kalian sentiasa sibuk bangat!!

tapi achong dah nak quit dari G1, nnti susah laa nak jumpa dia lagi..sibuk laa coz dah team lain..
p/s to bro mail..nnti tolong zati settlekan police report tu dah so long tunggu..hoping that i can settle my case secepat mungkin..thanks dearie..

Shut up B**CH!

What are you supposed to say to that person when you know exactly that his/her statement and orders are definitely, and entirely a personal agenda and to his/her advantage?
I am f***kingly pissed!
Owh god, is it i have to face all this???

Never take for granted every person close to your heart because you might wake up one day and realize that you have lost a diamond because you were too busy collecting stones.
Lords of Lurve

Miss Ayah and Mama so MUCH!!

Mama, Ayah..
Since my mom and dad still at our adhere kampung..Kuala so lonely..


Menara Condong is right in Teluk Intan town, as landmark of the place..
Im going to this place...Outstation!!! 2days, 1night...

Friday, February 20, 2009

Taking Things for Granted

I wrote this last night before going to sleep;
Something that i needed to let it out of my system.

Taking Things for Granted

If I could go back to the past,
One thing is for sure,
I would not take things for granted,
And instead cherish all the beauty life is to offer,
Even on the days that I feel blue.

If I could have the long stimulating conversations,
On the many nights right there on the sofa,
I would hold all your attention,
And never want it to end.

If I could have all the surprises,
And not be too ignorant,
To treasure and value the efforts,
For I know I have been blessed with your love.

If I could have all the comfort,
Of good friends on the days when I need them most,
For only they know how to bring the best of me,
God,I would never ask for more.

It comes once in your life,
Take pleasure and seek blessings on the things happening in front of you,
For you might later regret,
When you no longer have it..

by Nur Izzati Binti Shafii ~~ izzatis



Thursday, February 19, 2009

It Pays To Be Nice

I always believe, it pays to be nice.Its a common denominator that makes parts of your life a whole.

A trait that should be ingrained as a skill in one's career and it is a way of living.

It doesnt help even if you're a graduate of an ivy -covered lecture halls of an MBA grounds, corporate recruiters like me would definitely buy-in and make a deal with those who i think would get along with others.

And it is also no longer whether you have the greatest idea in the mechanics of a car.

Being nice is a sure means of success.

And i have a valid personal example to share.

I have been 'demoralized' lately in my work. I was at the verge of giving up.

Knowing that i have come to a junction in my career where i have to make a crucial decision, whether to stay and progress in the Human Resource, stereotypically female/service discipline or move to a much softer, relatively less prestigious career path of Marketing or Sales. (God knows who gave the definition of such).

And because of my still relatively young age, i have decided to move.

Like an uncut diamond, i know that there is much unrealized potential in me.Im not going to give up when i know i still have something to give.

And there was another obstacle and a question whether to stay in the current company or to change to another organization.

This time, I did a survey, and this is where, the Power of Nice pays up to me. I talked to a few colleagues, both dear and also the "hi-bye" that has a name to a face. What struck was how they have form a whole picture or perception of me.

Those discussions, led to doors of opportunities for me within the company. I received much more advice than i first bargained for, colleagues have lend their hands for support, many offered me motivational and management books to read; just so it will keep me going and working within the company.

The main underlying of their reasons; I am such an easy and nice person to work with. The rest is up to my passion, commitment and to learn everyday.

And the best have been these two.

1. Offered to work in the International Sales Division. Either in Market Intelligence or as a Country Manager in one of the regions.

2. A colleague lend me a copy of "Driven" an inside story of BMW to help me prepare for my future role and another colleague is also lending me another good book to read.Of course there's much for me to deliberate and decide for now.

But knowing that i have done something right to be given such trust, even if i were to die tomorrow;

I'd die a happy soul.

Ayah and Mama Dearest

Last 3 weeks, my Ayah and my Mama gave me RM10,000 and said "Go and pay your credit card bills".

Today, my Ayah gave me RM200 and said "Go and get yourself something nice".

And I, as the obedient baby daughter will concur to both his requests :)...

Though I am quite perplexed by my Ayah's decision to still spoil his already earning daughter.

But then again, i dont mind this at all. ;p

Does this mean i can try to convince him again to get me the new NEO CPS? ;)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tq Oneil for this pic..

Time after time

Time is becoming a luxury these days.*sigh*
Don't get me wrong, but I am really loving my life now.(No complains)
The irony is, things seem to be how I envision it to be.
And the best part is, I have someone who crazily loves me!

Le Tour De Langkawi ~~~

He support me ALL THE TIME!!

Yeah..PROTON Besh!

Loke Yew Building
Come on...Go!Go!Go!
All the Caval Kitt!!

My buddy sis wedding..

Maktab Polis Di Raja, Cheras

Nasi Minyak...Nyum3 mmmhh...

My First Morning With Haikal..

Friday, February 13, 2009

To us

It's not that I am safe guarding the other person in my life now, I am not.

A friend asked me yesterday why I don't put up his pictures on my blog.

My reason is simple; I dont want history to repeat itself.

Oh come on, we all know that nothing is certain and there are no guarantees in life.

It might be all rosy and a split second later, it might turn otherwise.

And it wouldn't be fair for the other person if based on my rants and vicious comments, he will be forever jugded by you before you get to know the real person.

I've learned through the hard way.

Even, if it is smooth-sailing all the way through, for this time, I prefer to keep him all to myself.

Voluntarily, I refrain from over-exposing him because I think it's his wish to have his privacy still intact.

And I respect his wishes.Plus, I guess he wouldnt want to be associated with my girly-girly stuff considering his rather 'macho' personality :)

But today, I'm going to make a little exception to this rule and post something for him. There is a reason to celebrate and I know for sure, he'll be reading this.

So my DEARIE MR XXXXX,I've lost ways and words to describe how happy you make me.
Here's something that I want you to know how I feel. :)

It’s in the way that you move me
And the way that you tease me
The way that I want you
It’s in the way that you hold me
And in the way that you KNOW me
When I can’t find the right words to say
You just feel it in the way

Je t'aime..

Miss Pot Belly

All this 3 weeks makan-makan session has increased the lumpy-ness and size of my tummy :(

Last Sunday I had:
Lunch - Nasi beriani ayam masak merah with rendang tok & a McFlurry ice-cream as a de-stressing treat after a hectic morning at work.

Early evening - a small portion of nasi minyak (again) with ayam pak mamat and dalca. (couldn't resist mummy's cooking)
Dinner- 1 box of KFC poppers and a piece of original chicken.
Supper (12.30am, after a midnight movie at home) - roti telur and teh-o ais!

I said "Let's go makan"
He said (in a disbelieving tone)" you're still hungry?"
I said "not really but I just want to munch"
He said "you're going to have your period soon?"
I said "yeah, maybe in a week's time"
He said "Wow, I thought PMS is usually a few days before?"
I said " I am unique. Sometimes I get binging cravings, other times I become extra2 emotionally sensitive."
He said " I better watch what I say for the next couple of weeks.I dont want to get into trouble"
I said " You HAVE to watch what you say to me ALL the time"
He said " Ahhhh..."

I got my points across to him.
Pandai,kan? ;p

Yahoo Messenger..YM

I chat this with LAN, my ex-classmate HSBP..thanks for your care lowhhh..
Walaupun kedewasaan ku terserlah kini...

I miss my Exxon'nians buddies

My TEAM!!!



Again...We WIN for it..

Hahaha..Azizul and Me..Miss HIM!!

All buddies..
Serious i miss all of you..
Damm it!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

K..Ok Lah

MY Oneil says my favourite word is K & OK.
He is right.
I am repulsed by his accuracy in analysing my actions and choice of words.
Looking back at my previous posts, I have way too many K & OKs.

Cuba bagi tau,habis tue nak guna word aper?


I cried because I miss MR BOYFRIEND.
I cried because the weighing scale says I'm 54kgs. (NEVER in my entire life I hit the big 5)
I cried because my work drains out the life of me.
I cried for holding on to something that is not meant to be.
I just had to let it out.

Road to Recovery

All good things must come to an end

Monday, February 9, 2009

The EJA me..

You have given me a life that I could live worthwhile
It is even better everytime you smile

Edna Meriam ** the cutest cousin me..

Work load

Im bored, stuck with my work and i upload this for Ezan, d cutest one..

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Dubai ~ Doha ** 9 days from 16 January 2009 to 24 Janauary 2009
Back to my adhere kampung ** 2 days from 25 January 2009 to 26 January 2009
Ipoh, Perak (Training) ** 5 days from 26 January 2009 to 29 January 2009
Cuti-Cuti Malaysia ** 2 days from 30 January 2009 to 31 January 2009
Penang and Alor Setar, Kedah ** 3 days from 1 February 2009 to 3 February 2009
Johor Bahru and Kota Tiinggi ** 2 days from 6 February 2009 to 7 February 2009
See how sibuk i am....
Mom's Dad, miss both of u so much....Thanks for your care and teach me to be ME!!

Kisah Kita

Inikah berakhirnya
Hidupku yang ku rasa tidak secantik potret yang terlakar dikaca
Inikah makna cinta
Datangnya berbunga bunga belum dijamah pahitnya jelas terasa
Ku renung kisah kita
Perbalahan antara
Erti bersama
Airmata dan lelah buat kita berbalah
Dendam terujud segala yang indah
Hilang hilang
Dari satu hujung ke satu penghujung berlari
Tapi hanya makin ku jalani
Jalan jalan yang sempit sekali
Imbasan warna warni cerita cerita dalam hidup kita
Hingga paling kelam kan terpapar di slot akasia
Ku renung kisah kita
Perbalahan antara
Erti bersama
Airmata dan lelah buat kita berbalah
Dendam terujud segala yang indah
Hilang hilang
Jauhku fikirkan tentang kita tanpa kita
Sedalam dalam kita mencari jawapan yang sama
Mungkin berbeza antara jalan yang ditentukan
Namun ku percaya jika mata ditutup disitu ada cinta
Madah Pujangga
Berpasangan insan telah dijadikan
Dalam satu jiwa bakal mewujudkan
Bermusim kegelapan dapat dipinggirkan
Namun kita manusia senang dibutakan
Menyintai bukan untuk disakiti
Sejambak bicara harus ditepati
Carta belaian jiwa dilonjakkan tinggi
Tak menjunam jatuh menghempas ke bumi
Sejati itu yang kau ucapkan
Sebuah melodi dan hanyalah satu ungkapan
Kata kata lontaran sekadar ukiran hiasan
Takkan berbunyi bila bertepuk sebelah tangan
Setinggi mana tak guna nak dikecapi
Tiada dua satu jiwa tiada erti
Tiada lagi rekaan khayalan mimpi ngeri menyelubungi
Hanya meniti hari meneliti hati

Pada Cintanya

Cabaran menduga
Meninggalkan luka
Membuatkan ku tegar
Lepaskan semua
Namun dalam jiwa
Penuh dengan cinta
Tak mampu ku hindarinya
Mengapa berdusta
Menciptakan luka
Hampaku melara
Menjadi mangsa
Namun ku percaya
Di dalam doa
Pastikan datang bahagia
Cerita dunia
Hanya sementara
Juara hanyalah cinta

Walau di cerca
Walau dihina
Tak mengapa
Walau di duga
Walau terseksa

Aku setia
Pada cintanya
Ku tawarkan cinta
Kau balaskan lara

Tapi aku redha ku yakin kudratnya
Tidak ku memaksa
Malah ku percaya
Cinta penakluk semua

Aku wanita
Bukan boneka
Ku tidak akan melutut pada ego sidia
Aku percaya
Ada cahaya
Melindungi sipencinta suci dan lara

Walau di cerca…
Walau dihina…
Tak mengapa…sementara
Walau di duga…
Walau terseksa…
Aku setia…Pada cintanya…