Friday, February 20, 2009

Taking Things for Granted

I wrote this last night before going to sleep;
Something that i needed to let it out of my system.

Taking Things for Granted

If I could go back to the past,
One thing is for sure,
I would not take things for granted,
And instead cherish all the beauty life is to offer,
Even on the days that I feel blue.

If I could have the long stimulating conversations,
On the many nights right there on the sofa,
I would hold all your attention,
And never want it to end.

If I could have all the surprises,
And not be too ignorant,
To treasure and value the efforts,
For I know I have been blessed with your love.

If I could have all the comfort,
Of good friends on the days when I need them most,
For only they know how to bring the best of me,
God,I would never ask for more.

It comes once in your life,
Take pleasure and seek blessings on the things happening in front of you,
For you might later regret,
When you no longer have it..

by Nur Izzati Binti Shafii ~~ izzatis

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