Thursday, February 19, 2009

It Pays To Be Nice

I always believe, it pays to be nice.Its a common denominator that makes parts of your life a whole.

A trait that should be ingrained as a skill in one's career and it is a way of living.

It doesnt help even if you're a graduate of an ivy -covered lecture halls of an MBA grounds, corporate recruiters like me would definitely buy-in and make a deal with those who i think would get along with others.

And it is also no longer whether you have the greatest idea in the mechanics of a car.

Being nice is a sure means of success.

And i have a valid personal example to share.

I have been 'demoralized' lately in my work. I was at the verge of giving up.

Knowing that i have come to a junction in my career where i have to make a crucial decision, whether to stay and progress in the Human Resource, stereotypically female/service discipline or move to a much softer, relatively less prestigious career path of Marketing or Sales. (God knows who gave the definition of such).

And because of my still relatively young age, i have decided to move.

Like an uncut diamond, i know that there is much unrealized potential in me.Im not going to give up when i know i still have something to give.

And there was another obstacle and a question whether to stay in the current company or to change to another organization.

This time, I did a survey, and this is where, the Power of Nice pays up to me. I talked to a few colleagues, both dear and also the "hi-bye" that has a name to a face. What struck was how they have form a whole picture or perception of me.

Those discussions, led to doors of opportunities for me within the company. I received much more advice than i first bargained for, colleagues have lend their hands for support, many offered me motivational and management books to read; just so it will keep me going and working within the company.

The main underlying of their reasons; I am such an easy and nice person to work with. The rest is up to my passion, commitment and to learn everyday.

And the best have been these two.

1. Offered to work in the International Sales Division. Either in Market Intelligence or as a Country Manager in one of the regions.

2. A colleague lend me a copy of "Driven" an inside story of BMW to help me prepare for my future role and another colleague is also lending me another good book to read.Of course there's much for me to deliberate and decide for now.

But knowing that i have done something right to be given such trust, even if i were to die tomorrow;

I'd die a happy soul.

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