Saturday, January 31, 2009


Tak funny tau, when you're all geared up to spend your days enjoying the beach but when you're finally there, all you can do is just sleep in your hotel room and stare at the waves outside.
Tak funny tau, when you have to wear your pyjamas all day long while your friends are roaming outside in their shorts and flip flops.

Tak funny tau, when all your friends are playing Declare till 4am but you're hardly hearing yourself with a block nose.

Tak funny tau, when all the energy you have is to sleep the whole day when actually what you want is to jalan-jalan round Kemaman Town.

Tak funny tau, when you are dragged to the best Satar and otak-otak area only not to be able to taste the glorious spread in front of you.

Tak funny tau, when you have to go for an antibiotic shot (sampai lebam your hand) at the clinic to lower down your temperature during your holiday.

Tak funny tau, going to the office after the long break and still you feel more lethargic than before.
Tak funny tau, you're actually at the office when your head is throbbing like mad and your nose is all runny!

All these are not funny scenarios.
Please2 pray that i'll get well feeling sooo miserable now....

Tangkas Banteras Ganas ~~ izzatis.oneil

I love this and i have it TWO!!!

Friday, January 30, 2009

King Tuttt... very own KING TUTTT...


Haikal with 'IBU'...when is the time 'my KIDS' will call me that??...

Haikal with Ameerah..

Umairah..Uyah..HAIKAL d King Tutt..Ain..Ameerah

Brian Mcknight: One Last Cry

My shattered dreams and broken heart
Are mending on the shelf
I saw you holding hands
Standing close to someone else
Now I sit all alone
Wishing all my feelings was gone
I gave my best to you
Nothing for me to do
But have one last cry
One last cry
Before I leave it all behind
I gotta put you out of my mind this time
Stop living a lie
I guess I'm down to my last cry
I was here
You were there
Guess we never could agree
While the sun shines on you
I need some love to rain on me
Still I sit all alone
Wishing all my feelings was gone
Gotta get over you
Nothing for me to do
But have one last cry
One last cry
Before I leave it all behind
I gotta put you out of my mind
For the very last time..
Stop living a lie
I know I gotta be strong
Cause life goes on..
And on, And on...
And on...
And on...

p/s: I've been listening to this song the whole day today.The tune's stuck in my head.


This is something that I wrote last night, while I layan my perasaan. Maybe these feelings were provoked by seeing all my friends’ babies. Maybe, what I longed for is to have a life like theirs. It seems like a full circle. A perfect paradigm shift from the current phase of my life.

When you need someone to hear your thoughts
When you need that reassuring hug
On the days that you feel you are ugly
That’s when you want someone to call your own
Someone special, to take all those blues away.

I used to think that if I played it right with my mind
Then things would be ok
But tonight
As I sit silently in bed
I have my doubts
Perhaps, even with everyone giving their fullest support, the saying I learned is still true:
It’s easier said than done.

Like everyone else, coming out of a heartbreak,
I tried and fought and struggled to believe that the situation I’m facing would one day, get better.
Sometimes, the loneliness is too unbearable.
But despite my sadness and my empty feelings, despite convinced that nothing at this moment will ever get better, I cannot lose one thing that keeps me alive: hope.

Dear God, give me strength to confront whatever lies ahead.

The Final Straw

I quote.

“When a woman who has spent the good part of loving a man blindly begins to see again, her vision is as sharp as a knife. When a woman who has been deaf to anything else but a man's apparent love for her starts to hear again, she can pick up white noise a continent away.

When a woman stops loving a man, she keeps quiet. She stops fighting back. She doesn't nag. She doesn't even try to persuade you after a first attempt” (from a lady who has great influence in my life)

I never knew that this would have such a profound meaning in my life.
I never knew that it would weave into the history of my life.
And I never knew that 'this' would hurt so much.
Well it’s time you know the truth.
I have a tendency of misjudging characters. Always, the ones that im most attracted to; like bees are to honey are the bad boys look. You know, that 50% good and 50% wicked persona appeals to me. Even when my mommy warned me of such men, that leopards never change their spots, I brushed her advice instantly.
I guess forlornly, it is rather exotic to know if you could spin these men around your little finger, to have that upper hand in turning them around.
I believe that there is hope.
And with this hope that I allow my heart to love him intensely. Never have I felt so sure about this. Of course, it has never been easy; there were the good times, the bad times and the hard times. And most of the times, I would wallow in tears.
Even with all those, I thought things would be fine. Against my intuition, I believe that he would provide me the safety and comfort, my heart would not be broken and ABOVE all, that he would remain making me happy.
Last few weeks we had a relationship crisis. This happens after 2 months of a long-distance relationship due to his job assignment which at the beginning of it all told me that something is bound to happen.
Last week, after the request to talk things over, something hit me hard in my head and open my eyes over the conversation that we had:
Him: “We have different goals. I want to be a somebody, I want to be a POLITICIAN and you don’t agree with that”
Me:” Oh ok, then I’ll just support you with whatever you want to do” (Yeah right, think again, Izzatis!)
Him: “No, you don’t want that”
What I was really thinking in my mind: “I too want to be a SOMEBODY. It’s just that I have the decency not to crush other people’s dream along the way. So selfish of you. The world is so corrupt now with all the blood-sucking Politicians, why do you want to add to the destruction. Haven’t you heard, CORPORATE LEADERS is the in thing now? They can be so successful yet still remain their dignity. Sorry, but I have the lowest opinion towards politicians.” (This, in retrospect was smart of me.). Oh wait, I’ve seen this in movies, where men requests such acts from their partners. So dramalike. So surreal.
I am only human. The inevitable happened. At the back of my mind, I keep saying that this bump in the relationship would pass by. I was in denial. Believing again, that he would change. .
Not once, did he compromise on this. Not once he called to say “Can we give it another try?”
It finally hit me hard on the head again, that he was never committed in the relationship in the first place. Maybe, this guy was just taking me for a ride. Maybe, after all that we’ve gone through, I didn’t matter that much to him, not even an ounce.
Life is what you make of it.

I guess this is the final straw. If you love someone, you would make them understand. If you love someone, you would compromise.

Perhaps, one day, I will find the courage to face him again. But I’ve never regretted whatever that we’ve gone through because at least I know; I have done my BEST in this relationship. And if my best isn’t good enough, that’s his loss.

I would be in denial,if I said this is easy. I would be lying, if I said I didn’t go through the sleepless nights, the empty feeling and the need to constantly tell myself to pick up the pieces and to bounce back to life.
I am glad though, that it happens now then later. It will serve as life’s lessons. I know I am capable to waddle through life much stronger now. And it makes me appreciate life more with my family and friends and their endless support.

You have taught me a valuable lesson. And I quote my friend’s saying “ If he is not worth your time now, he will never be worth it in the future”.

But I hope, things will turn out well for you. All I ask from you is honesty, as it is the best policy. At the end of the day, though you might not get all that you desired, you’ll still have your integrity intact and self-worth. Just be true to yourself. Learn how to, even if you find it hard to do so.
And I don’t miss you; I just miss the person I thought you were.
I don’t hate you; I just hate your GUTS.
And nope, I don’t have a sinister plan to overcome this hurt, anger and grief but I do have faith in this saying by none other than the famous entertainer, Mr. Charlie Chaplin:
“Nothing is permanent in this wicked world—not even our troubles."
And moreover, a beautiful poem written by an anonymous:
“Kadang-Kadang Allah sembunyikan matahari,
Dia datangkan petir & kilat,
Kita menangis & tertanya-tanya,
Ke mana hilangnya sinar,
Rupa-rupanya Allah nak hadiahkan kita pelangi.”

I think, ahem, with my new found single status, I’ll be seeing life in technicolor in no time! Should I stay unmarried and have lots of boyfriends? Break Hearts?

Nope, I don’t think so.
Cheers to that and to y new founmd freedom! Hurrah!

p/s~`actually i wrote this few months this place...nice view...Pangkor Island Resort...

View of Pangkor!!!

Pangkor~I wuz here, 181208
Thanks to **E**

Sick In Bed

Hi darlings,

I know I shouldnt be saying this while all of you are currently at work.(cursing the mad traffic that you just went through thanks to the pouring rain and wishing badly that you're actually on your bed, pulling that warm comforter over you)

But guess what?
I am actually doing the latter.(jgn jealous!);p
I am typing this post on my bed!

The only minus point is that I have to endure this bad tummy ache, viral fever and coughs that are threatening to explode my lungs and the inhaler that Im taking is of no help at this point. Need to pop over to see my doctor for a stronger dosage.

Anyhow, have a good day inspite of the gloomy weather!

Dr.Yoe's Wedding~~My Lurvly Elder Brother!!

The cutest EDNA MERIAM with ibu

my HAIKAL.. all of you my cuzinss

my bro yg giler my sister in-law gave him PSP...

Only u and me...

For the MAN who deserves a happy ending,
May your marriage be blessed with love, joy & companionship for all the years of your life.
Congratulations again my lovely bro and sis zarith!

Lords of Lurve..
Your Sister, Izzatis

Upps..waiting to blog it so long...sowik..

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Please Remember ... KL Convention Centre

Time, sometimes the time just slips away
And your left with yesterday
Left with the memories
I, I'll always think of you and smile
And be happy for the time
I had you with me
Though we go our seperate ways
I won't forget so don't forget
the memories we made

Please remember, please remember
I was there for you
and you were there for me
Please remember, our time together
The time was yours and mine
while we were wild and free
Please remember, please remember me

Goodbye, there's just no sadder word to say
And it's sad to walk away
with just the memories
Who's to know what might have been
We'll leave behind a life and time
I'll never know again

Please remember, please remember
I was there for you
and you were there for me
And remember, Please remember me

Please remember, please remember
I was there for you
And you were there for me
Please remember, our time together
The time was yours and mine
While we were wild and free
Then remember, please remember me

And how we laugh and how we smile
And how this heart was yours and mine
and how a dream was out of reach
I stood by you, you stood by me
We took each day and made it shine
We wrote our names across the sky
We ride so fast, we ride so free
And I knew that you had me

Please remember, please remember

Trip to Dubai and Doha...its amazing yewhh

Masa mencemburui kita...ONEIL

Home Sweet Home...Doha, Qatar - Dubai - KLIA

What i get from Dubai and Doha...

Touch down Doha..loading time..

Mana limosin tak sampai-sampai utk dock up kita semua...??

Affirmation on Finding the Perfect Partner

We all want to have a perfect partner in our lives, right? ....
Wrong. Think again.There's no such thing as a perfect partner, or at least out of my own experience.

The least I want to do now is to air my dirty laundry in public but I think I need to let you know how I feel on this subject.
I have been on a constant chase in this journey of attracting a perfect partner.
Spending so much of my time,energy and resources seeking for that person. I've gone through many if not meaningful relationships which all have left me drained.And i think im on the verge of giving up.
(Yup, and that notion is much stronger today considering the current circumstances that im facing now.)

All these crashing through relationships and destructing myself and the other person along the journey without having an idea what I am doing.Simply swirling around by the currents of life with no real direction but still left with many choices.
It's confusing and tiring.
It's practically called the vicious and destructive cycle of Izzati's love life.

There are times when i have all myself to blame for this because i consider myself an unreasonable, illogical and self-centred person. (Geez, thats a low down of me).
Funny how some have it so easy and they breeze through this thing called the affairs of the heart. They meet one love in their lives and it's straight to the next phase, ie. the big M -Marriage phase and continue to lead the normal next phase which is to start a family.

Mine's a different story altogether.It always gets more challenging, more headaches, more heartburn, more on all the scale of negativity life can throw at me. Am I alone here?
Most people eat or sleep when they arent happy.In my case, personally, I starve myself and wallow and obsess on the current state of my love life.

But when will all these stop? When will this chase end for me? When will I be entitled to the happiness and the happy endings?I cant help to wonder, does God ever have it in store for me?
Or am i just destined to just continue the most multifaceted human relations called LOVE, bringing fantastic highs and desolate lows that can eclipse everything in my life?

This nature of finding my perfect partner;always starts with the chemistry flowing, its a wonderful part then it goes to not understanding each others motives and this leads to the failure of the relationship. The tragedy is, while these relationships do bring me something, but at the end of the day, when they are over, whats left is only the hurt and pain and the realisation of how much time I have wasted.

So, my question is, how do i start to take control of my life and have a more fulfilling relationship?
Please, tell me to stop repeating the same old patterns and same old failed relationships and start fancying a partner who can bring me the kind of relationship that i want.


Menapak jalan yang menjauh
Tentukan arah yang kumau
Tempatkan aku pada satu peristiwa
Yang membuat hati lara
Di dekat engkau aku tenang
Sandung matamu penuh tanya
Misteri hidup akankah menghilang
Dan bahagia di akhir cerita
Cinta tegarkan hatiku
Tak mau sesuatu merenggut engkau
Naluriku bergetar tak ingin terulang lagi
Kehilangan cinta hati bagai raga tak bernyawa
Aku junjung petuahmu
Cintai dia yang mencintaiku
Hatinya dulu berlayar kini telah menepi
Bukankah hidup kita akhirnya harus bahagia
Di dekat engkau aku tenang
Sandung matamu penuh tanya
Misteri hidup akankah menghilang
Dan bahagia di akhir cerita
Cinta tegarkan hatiku
Tak mau sesuatu merenggut engkau
Naluriku bergetar tak ingin terulang lagi
Kehilangan cinta hati bagai raga tak bernyawa
Aku junjung petuahmu
Cintai dia yang mencintaiku
Hatinya dulu berlayar kini telah menepi
Bukankah hidup kita akhirnya harus bahagia
Cinta biar saja ada
Yang terjadi biar saja terjadi
Bagaimana pun hidup hanya cerita
Cerita tentang meninggalkan dan yang ditinggalkan
Song : Cinta by : Melly Goeslaw feat. Kris Dayanti

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy Texting Dearie


Showing your feelings has never been easier since the advent of the text message. Anytime or anywhere you can instantly shoot off a message across the globe to the one you love, letting them know they are on your mind. Unfortunately, it isn't always easy coming up with witty romantic words of love.

So sweet when we received romantic messaged ait??

Try TEXT this to your love one...
  1. Let these words not only touch your eyes, let them travel through your soul, and let them rest in your heart as you rest in mine…I love you.
  2. You're still the one…
  3. Words alone will never be able to express the depth of my love for you.
  4. In case you didn't know, I'll be loving you always and forever!!
  5. Just when I thought it couldn't get better, you prove me wrong! I love you!
  6. Falling in love with you was the easiest thing I've done in my life.
  7. Hand in hand and heart to heart my love for you shall never part.
  8. Even though we are apart, my love you will never part.
  9. I'll love the sun for days, the moon for nights, and YOU for forever.
  10. Loving you makes my heart explode with happiness.
  11. Rains fall, winds blow, the sun shines... it all comes naturally, just like loving you.
  12. Simply said... I love you...
  13. Being with you is like having every single one of my wishes come true.
  14. Loving you has been the best thing to ever happen to me!
  15. Just had to let you know... you're the best! I love you!
  16. There is no long distance about love; it always finds a way to bring hearts together, no matter how many miles are between them.
  17. You are the sun in my day, the wind in my sky, the waves in my ocean, and the beat in my heart.
  18. I wish I was there to hold you tight instead of just send this loving, "Good Night."
  19. Thank you for being the one who calms all my inner fears.
  20. Your love is all I'll ever need.

Bunch of love..IZZATIS

Warhh so romantica aitt...i want it from sumone...please, please, please...GOSH!!

Don't let your divorce cause you to lose hope...

When it comes to divorce it certainly seems to. The hurt and pain that is often experienced during a divorce can only be compared to the actual life loss of a spouse. In many cases it can be even more harmful because the person typically inflicting the pain is still alive, and is consciously making these choices.

Imagine sitting down for dinner one night and hearing the words, "I just don't love you anymore. I want a divorce." Follow that with divorce hearings, arguing over whose is what, and even possibly dealing with your ex-spouse finding a new love. It's enough to make you want to throw in the towel, and resign to the fact that fairy-tale love doesn't exist. But, why let your partner's misguided heart turn yours into a cold rock?

While the heartbreak and gut-wrenching sorrow is very real, there needs to be an understanding that it's only temporary. For whatever reason this love match has ended, it certainly doesn't mean you should give up on the hope of a real happily ever after. In fact, that very thought of a better love life existing could be the catalyst to help you through this transitional period.

So, when your heart is able to bear looking over the concept of moving on, heed the following words of wisdom regarding finding a permanent life mate. When you start looking, try to find someone who can meet as many of the following criteria as possible:

More Common Interests:Daily interest in each other easily dwindles in a busy or less than happy marriage. Help combat this lack of attention by finding someone who shares an interest in your favorite things. Couples that share hobbies or other lifestyle interests do have a higher long-term success rate because they have a way to automatically spend time together or something to communicate about.

Same Communication Style:Most marriages fail due to lack of communication. It doesn't always mean that one person didn't know how to communicate, but rather you had different ways of communicating. Make sure this time around you find someone who shares your methods of communicating. Talk about the ways you would handle problems or things bothering you. Are you both willing to find middle ground amidst a disagreement?

Lack of Neediness On Both Sides:Do not become dependent on this new person, and don't let them become dependent on you. At this stage in your life, you need someone who can stand on their own in the world. And frankly, you need the self-esteem that comes with being able to do it yourself as well. Knowing you can make it on your own will help carry you through the ups and downs of finding love again.

Genuine Interest In Developing A Serious Relationship:Don't bother with a relationship when the other person isn't interested in following through. You've already given your all to one person; don't waste any more on another possible dead end. The next person you find should be at the same relationship stage you are; interested in developing the same type of relationship.

Fulfilling Partnership:What aspects of your life does this person fulfill for you? What do you fulfill for them? Each partner needs to be meeting the needs of each other for an equal and balanced relationship. Do you both share enough give AND take?

Mutual Respect:In most failed marriages, the last years are usually the worst. Your ego is probably suffering from heartless words or actions hurled at each other. It is important at this time to be in a relationship that makes you feel needed, wanted and desired. Anything less, is quite frankly, settling. The same should apply to the way you feel about your potential partner.

Similar Life Goals:At this stage of the game it makes life a lot simpler to be with someone who shares the same life goals as yourself. The most fulfilling relationship for you at this time will be with someone who makes you feel like you're part of a team working towards goals together. Make the time to talk about this person's dreams and desires, and don't hesitate to share your own.

Remember, not all relationships end up in failure. Sometimes it just isn't meant to be.

For me divorcee teach me a lot...

Lords of Love

Nur Izzati Binti Shafii

Call me Izzati. I love to be love. Now i know, my family is everything to me!

Lords of love,
1025hours, 27 January 2009
Home Sweet Home Bukit Istana, Kuantan