Saturday, January 31, 2009


Tak funny tau, when you're all geared up to spend your days enjoying the beach but when you're finally there, all you can do is just sleep in your hotel room and stare at the waves outside.
Tak funny tau, when you have to wear your pyjamas all day long while your friends are roaming outside in their shorts and flip flops.

Tak funny tau, when all your friends are playing Declare till 4am but you're hardly hearing yourself with a block nose.

Tak funny tau, when all the energy you have is to sleep the whole day when actually what you want is to jalan-jalan round Kemaman Town.

Tak funny tau, when you are dragged to the best Satar and otak-otak area only not to be able to taste the glorious spread in front of you.

Tak funny tau, when you have to go for an antibiotic shot (sampai lebam your hand) at the clinic to lower down your temperature during your holiday.

Tak funny tau, going to the office after the long break and still you feel more lethargic than before.
Tak funny tau, you're actually at the office when your head is throbbing like mad and your nose is all runny!

All these are not funny scenarios.
Please2 pray that i'll get well feeling sooo miserable now....

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