Friday, January 30, 2009


This is something that I wrote last night, while I layan my perasaan. Maybe these feelings were provoked by seeing all my friends’ babies. Maybe, what I longed for is to have a life like theirs. It seems like a full circle. A perfect paradigm shift from the current phase of my life.

When you need someone to hear your thoughts
When you need that reassuring hug
On the days that you feel you are ugly
That’s when you want someone to call your own
Someone special, to take all those blues away.

I used to think that if I played it right with my mind
Then things would be ok
But tonight
As I sit silently in bed
I have my doubts
Perhaps, even with everyone giving their fullest support, the saying I learned is still true:
It’s easier said than done.

Like everyone else, coming out of a heartbreak,
I tried and fought and struggled to believe that the situation I’m facing would one day, get better.
Sometimes, the loneliness is too unbearable.
But despite my sadness and my empty feelings, despite convinced that nothing at this moment will ever get better, I cannot lose one thing that keeps me alive: hope.

Dear God, give me strength to confront whatever lies ahead.

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