Thursday, January 29, 2009

Affirmation on Finding the Perfect Partner

We all want to have a perfect partner in our lives, right? ....
Wrong. Think again.There's no such thing as a perfect partner, or at least out of my own experience.

The least I want to do now is to air my dirty laundry in public but I think I need to let you know how I feel on this subject.
I have been on a constant chase in this journey of attracting a perfect partner.
Spending so much of my time,energy and resources seeking for that person. I've gone through many if not meaningful relationships which all have left me drained.And i think im on the verge of giving up.
(Yup, and that notion is much stronger today considering the current circumstances that im facing now.)

All these crashing through relationships and destructing myself and the other person along the journey without having an idea what I am doing.Simply swirling around by the currents of life with no real direction but still left with many choices.
It's confusing and tiring.
It's practically called the vicious and destructive cycle of Izzati's love life.

There are times when i have all myself to blame for this because i consider myself an unreasonable, illogical and self-centred person. (Geez, thats a low down of me).
Funny how some have it so easy and they breeze through this thing called the affairs of the heart. They meet one love in their lives and it's straight to the next phase, ie. the big M -Marriage phase and continue to lead the normal next phase which is to start a family.

Mine's a different story altogether.It always gets more challenging, more headaches, more heartburn, more on all the scale of negativity life can throw at me. Am I alone here?
Most people eat or sleep when they arent happy.In my case, personally, I starve myself and wallow and obsess on the current state of my love life.

But when will all these stop? When will this chase end for me? When will I be entitled to the happiness and the happy endings?I cant help to wonder, does God ever have it in store for me?
Or am i just destined to just continue the most multifaceted human relations called LOVE, bringing fantastic highs and desolate lows that can eclipse everything in my life?

This nature of finding my perfect partner;always starts with the chemistry flowing, its a wonderful part then it goes to not understanding each others motives and this leads to the failure of the relationship. The tragedy is, while these relationships do bring me something, but at the end of the day, when they are over, whats left is only the hurt and pain and the realisation of how much time I have wasted.

So, my question is, how do i start to take control of my life and have a more fulfilling relationship?
Please, tell me to stop repeating the same old patterns and same old failed relationships and start fancying a partner who can bring me the kind of relationship that i want.

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