Friday, February 13, 2009

To us

It's not that I am safe guarding the other person in my life now, I am not.

A friend asked me yesterday why I don't put up his pictures on my blog.

My reason is simple; I dont want history to repeat itself.

Oh come on, we all know that nothing is certain and there are no guarantees in life.

It might be all rosy and a split second later, it might turn otherwise.

And it wouldn't be fair for the other person if based on my rants and vicious comments, he will be forever jugded by you before you get to know the real person.

I've learned through the hard way.

Even, if it is smooth-sailing all the way through, for this time, I prefer to keep him all to myself.

Voluntarily, I refrain from over-exposing him because I think it's his wish to have his privacy still intact.

And I respect his wishes.Plus, I guess he wouldnt want to be associated with my girly-girly stuff considering his rather 'macho' personality :)

But today, I'm going to make a little exception to this rule and post something for him. There is a reason to celebrate and I know for sure, he'll be reading this.

So my DEARIE MR XXXXX,I've lost ways and words to describe how happy you make me.
Here's something that I want you to know how I feel. :)

It’s in the way that you move me
And the way that you tease me
The way that I want you
It’s in the way that you hold me
And in the way that you KNOW me
When I can’t find the right words to say
You just feel it in the way

Je t'aime..

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