Friday, February 13, 2009

Miss Pot Belly

All this 3 weeks makan-makan session has increased the lumpy-ness and size of my tummy :(

Last Sunday I had:
Lunch - Nasi beriani ayam masak merah with rendang tok & a McFlurry ice-cream as a de-stressing treat after a hectic morning at work.

Early evening - a small portion of nasi minyak (again) with ayam pak mamat and dalca. (couldn't resist mummy's cooking)
Dinner- 1 box of KFC poppers and a piece of original chicken.
Supper (12.30am, after a midnight movie at home) - roti telur and teh-o ais!

I said "Let's go makan"
He said (in a disbelieving tone)" you're still hungry?"
I said "not really but I just want to munch"
He said "you're going to have your period soon?"
I said "yeah, maybe in a week's time"
He said "Wow, I thought PMS is usually a few days before?"
I said " I am unique. Sometimes I get binging cravings, other times I become extra2 emotionally sensitive."
He said " I better watch what I say for the next couple of weeks.I dont want to get into trouble"
I said " You HAVE to watch what you say to me ALL the time"
He said " Ahhhh..."

I got my points across to him.
Pandai,kan? ;p

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