Tuesday, March 10, 2009

You Complete Me

The tears have dried.

Im not sure why Im feeling melancholy and all mushy.

(It's as if you've never left me before this.)

I know it's just temporary and this arrangement will somehow sort itself and somehow I'll adapt to it.

I know I am a survivor.

I was teary-eyed in the car just before you send me home, teary-eyed once i got in the house and crying myself uncontrollably while on the phone with you.

I think it all boils down for having you with me for the few past days.

I've been spoiled and it's been one of the best times in my life.

And I'm missing you now.

To be in love is the greatest thing but it is also the hardest.

Why does my heart suddenly filled with so much fear?

What does the fear speak for?

Maybe, it is knowing that i've fallen too deep this time.

So deep, it's hard to handle any hiccups along the way.

Maybe, that doesnt make sense..

Maybe, you just complete me..

And having you away, leaves me with half of my heart.

And that realization, terrifies me.. :(

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