Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Here and Now

The Beatles are crooning All you Need is Love in the background.
And I’m thinking they had it right all along.
Maybe, it's true that all we need is love.
He had fresh tears in his eyes.
He was crying, not because of the missed and limited time that we get to spend these days.
He was crying for my happiness because he truly understands how it feels being me at this point in my life.

To be pampered and smothered, especially more when I am sick,
To be loved, remembered and missed during the day,
To be appreciated at the tiniest effort,
To be worshipped on certain grounds that I walk on,
To be given the attention I most crave for,
And most importantly never expecting anything in return.

A friend mentioned to me this:
"Yesterday’s a memory, tomorrow’s a hope.”
“Enjoy the fleeting moments while it lasted. They never come around twice.”

He’s so right.

And for this, I am now one happy shiny people.

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