Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Love at the Crossroads

Have you ever been in a relationship that’s so great in the beginning… conversations are smooth sailing, you understand each other so well, it’s almost like you’re on the same wavelength, you are patient with each other’s flaws and quirks, tense moments are almost always turned sweet… just to wake up one day and you notice everything just turned bad. All of a sudden conversations are hard to decipher, the most understanding person became a walking time-bomb ready to explode any second with just one wrong move, somehow you are now irritated and aggravated with each other’s quirks, patience has turned into short tempers, and moments together seem to be hard work? What went wrong here?

Welcome to the real world. Relationships can turn sour at any time, if you’re not careful. Sometimes, even though you’re very careful, everything still takes a nosedive and plunges your relationship into uncertainty. What does that mean, anyway? Does that mean you’re not as compatible as you think? How could things turn around so fast like that? At what point in the relationship did it happen? You have no clue and you’re struggling to figure out the reason why things are not going so smoothly anymore.

Some couples go through this and figure it out just in time to try to save their relationship. Others are not so lucky. Maybe this is just fate’s way of testing us in our relationships. How much adversity can you actually endure? How many fights and misunderstandings can you overcome? And after all that, will you still choose to be together? Or will you accept the fact that you’ve outgrown each other, acknowledge that you’ve grown apart from each other and simply just walk away?

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