Sunday, November 20, 2011

Just One Of Those Moments

Sometimes I hate that I’m so petty..Hurmmm. Sometimes, I hate that I make little problems become bigger than they actually are. I guess there are days when we just hate ourselves, right? I know I’ve created this blog to inspire people and to give encouragement, and post stuff that people can relate to, but sometimes, I admit… I also get depressed. There are moments when I feel alone and sad. Thankfully, these moments do not happen often, but yeah, I do have those bad days. Like now.

I know there are a lot of bigger problems in the world, and my petty problems are nothing compared to them, but sometimes, all the encouragement that I try to spread, there are times when even they, can’t cheer me up. I am kind of a secretive person (being a Scorpio and all) so I can’t really tell people what’s bothering me, so most of the time, I just keep it to myself. And maybe, these feelings get bottled up, which leads to moments of depression. Argh, I don’t even want to rant here, I know my readers deserve better. Anyway, I hope I can feel better again real soon. Hope you guys feel a lot better emotionally, than I do right now. Take care, y’all!

 Nota kaki: Bila keberJAYAAN saya membuat "Crispy Crunch & Waffle Choc" kegemaran saya bulan October lalu di hari lahir saya & hadiah untuk diri saya... :) senyummmm... Balik esok nak buat 2 orang untuk CHENTA HATI saya...

~wajah-wajah kekasih hati Nur Izzati Shafii~

Oh Ya, doakan ALMA BALQIS saya sihat ye, sekarang dia kurang sihat dan tak berapa nak ceria... Risau kerana jauh saya dari Cicit Puteri Kesayangan Sultan Johor itu jauh beribu2 batu dari saya kini...insyaallah saya akan jenguk dia dalam waktu terdekat ini dan akan saya peluk cium ALMA BALQIS kerana terlalu rindu... "Alma, Ati rindu Alma, senyum Alma..Ati beli Alma CD Barney yang baru.."

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