Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A journey..

Dear Heart,
You are my secret keeper. You hide what I want no one in my personal bubble to see. I keep you hidden under lock and key. My heart is the one clutching the pen and pencil, never my fingers. I write what I feel is right. I'm allowed to be free and never apologize. I can write my fears, my hates, my loves, and everything that shouldn't be seen by my surroundings inside of you.
I do not think I'm a good writer, I've never thought that. I'm someone who writes because I need to get everything out I know all about you, my little green book. Let me tell you a bit about myself. I am a girl of 27 who's emotions are running around the clock, I am always passionate about something and it shows from the way I speak. I am always thinking. I am pensive, outwardly loud, inwardly quiet, I speak before I think.
I really love the people in my life, with a few exceptions that you will figure out later. Most of them taught me about the meaning of life. My treasures, my joy and at the same time the limitless love we share.
Heart, I feel like you are a person and that is why I talk to you as if I would any other friend. Please let me confide in you. Please listen to me and understand more than anyone. Here's to the first...stay safe, for I shall hide the key to the truths in my heart.
God, please pray for ‘US’. A tale of small miracles and big surprises…

This three piccas means to me a lot!!
Notes: HSH~Home Sweet Home, Ombak Rindu, Number 58, Number 8, Number 1, Honda, Tickets... *8* 

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