Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Read me..

This is sad. I deserve better, I deserve the best. Not from you, not from anyone, but from myself. And the way to give the best to myself starts with some respect.

I respect myself as a fine (if not sophisticated) woman, with lots of brain, lots of passion, kind-hearted and caring. And I can also stood up for myself. Strong feet to support my own life. Skillful hands to carve my own destiny. Yes, I do respect myself.

Dear one, loving in my fullest is my nature. Yes, you are lucky (maybe a lil bit more) to be loved by me. Cause I’d give you the fullest and I already did. Not a single regret, just gratitude for love is love, pure and unconditional.

Unfortunately, some failed to see my way. And some just missed their shots. That’s okay. We all are supposedly to learn the lessons, right ?

Now, read me.

Let’s play some respect from now on and from here on. Not for you, not for me, not for the world. But for the lesson we’ve (supposedly) learned. The price of that lesson is a life. Price that nothing in this world and/or beyond can repay. The least we can do is putting some respect on it. Don’t you think ?

And this has been so sad. For everyone that’s involved. And surely respect is not in the equation at all. That is why this has been so sad. None of us deserves this. And surely some respect would be a good start to make it decent for everyone.

(in realization that you are in your finest spot in your life, dear.. be grateful and i am thankful for being able to see you in your finest)

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