Sunday, June 26, 2011

I missed writing...

I tend to forgot my blog. I even almost forgot I have a blog! I know, there are ups and downs in blogging.

Why did I blog, then? because I want to keep some things that I believe I should keep. But now, it seems that so many should-be-blogged  things happened yet I wrote nothing about them!

Fortunately, I have no rules in blogging. I mean, this blog is almost ‘aimless’. It has no targets or goals to achieve. Or specific forms to follow when writing. It actually signifies what my life is leading. Very flexible, go-with-flow kind of living. But thank God, He has prepared many unexpected things along the way.

Today, while waiting for marche chocolate to cool down a bit, gazing on the crappy words written here, all of sudden, I feel sinful to my blog. I always love to write. And life is a historical manuscripts to very human being ever lived. I should write. Even a single aimless idiot word. Probably when my time is almost done, I might have an urge to glance to all these words. Remember the bits of the past with a smile (I hope). Or worst a tearful eyes reading the bitter parts of my life.

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