Sunday, January 15, 2012

Dia kekuatan ku...believing heart

Looking for the best phrase to make it as a sentence. Cause the only thing that i can think right now, to find a STRENGTH to move on. Everyone ask me to move on. Stop to think about him, stop to miss him, stop to talk about him, stop to write about him in blog, stop crying when i miss him. So then i decide may be what they said are true. So this blog will not actively in use as usual. So everything i just keep it in my heart. When i can't sleep at night cause i think about him, and i miss him may be i just can still wake for the whole night. All the feeling about him i just keep it deeply in my heart.

I woke up this morning 3:30am and the person i think is him. i miss him but may be this is right time for me to let this feeling go. To let my self cry more and more than usual. To let my self wake for the whole night cause i cant sleep because of i miss him. To let myself to fall in to the other guy even i'm not sure if i can do it.

I hope i could get a strength to stop this feeling as soon as possible because i know there's nothing worse than being in love alone.

Nota kaki: Dah lama sebenarnya diri ini begini..

After a while i've been stuck, blur what should i put here to up date this blog, so today i'm sure what should i write here...

After i think it deeply, i asked many people, heard thousand of comments [goods & bad], after i cry so much, after i always got a problem to sleep at night so i decide.

Pergilah bb, larilah bb... Go wherever you want, as far as u could, run as fast as you can and leave me here... Because the only thing that i want is, i
WANT you to be HAPPY. That it is. Enough for me. Previous time, i always said, if the only thing that i can do for you is seeing you so I"LL do it. But since i feel the more we're being close, the more we're always meet i'm worried the more you feel uncomfortable. You can even choose not to talk to me, you even can decide not to look at my face even a second. Cause all i want is your happiness. Please do what ever you want. You even can hurt me like hell if that can make you happy. Seeing you in tense mood, is killing me more.

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