Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tuhan tahu..

Salam & greetings

I know I'm not supposed to get scared of anything, Tuhan kan menjaga hamba yang sentiasa ingat padaNya. Tapi bagaimana dgn waktu2 yang saya leka & lalai?

I think u know what I mean...this is just for a record!

BTW, I've increased my privacy level w.r.t him - what he can see of me in tweet ;P. Maybe I'm getting paranoid here but better be safe than sorry. Do send me private msg (email/sms etc) instead of writing on da wall ok.

To Mimpi Ngeri

What do you want from me? Whatever that I've wrote here, however distorted, maniacal, one-sided etc. is totally about me (how I feel), not YOU. The people here do not know of you - in real life.

Sorry... u are zerro already maa insp sahab!!!!

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