Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bee ~ Honey

Someone asks me why is he not performing as he usual does. My answer: "Maybe it's because your love hormone is bursting, it takes your IQ down to half." The person looked at me peculiarly and started to make a logic out of my statement. But it seemed to me that the logic was not working at all. I guess my statement was half true - since the IQ is down to half, don't you think it is logical enough for someone not to be able to make any logic out of my statement, by the way?
Okay. I'm not pinalising anyone who is in love because I used to be in love too. Maybe, at this point my romantic sense is not as showy as it used to be. Perhaps that is the reason my logical senses is more obvious. For some reason, I am craving for the direction of logical love.

But people said that love is mysterious.
Love is wonderous.
Love is full of surprise.
Love is magical.
Yes, maybe the logical love I'm searching does not exist at all.

So, it is not so surprising to see the B and Honey these days:
A girl is calling her boyfriend B for several reasons:
B - Baby
B - Bucuk
B - Bang
B - Hubby
B - Boss

Eheeemmm..I used to use the last one. Hehehe.

A man is calling his partner Honey to charm, to sooth or gain confidence.

When my love hormone was bursting, I used to think that B and Honey was cute and romantic. I mean, I loved to hear the longing sound of "B...................." like the one used by Ifa Raziah in Sesuci Qaseh Ramadhan. It sounded gedik and seductive:P

And Honey was a perfect combination.

But these days, when my logical senses are working out, there are times when I think that B and Honey is more like:
"Kalau engkau kumbang, akulah bunganya."

Bee and Honey.

Not Baby, not Bucuk and not Hubby.

But Bee - the insect.

A good combination yet dangerous.
Bee came to Honey just for the money then he left her.
Bee came to Honey just for the sex then he left her.
Bee came to Honey just for security then he left her.

Perhaps, that is the reason why people love to think romantically than logically.
Because the truth is so scary.
But then again...
Calling B and Honey is not that scary.

What about Mummy and Daddy?
In the end, Mummy gets pregnant and Daddy lari!

Are you reading the newspaper today, folks?

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  1. I take bee for my bucuk...hehe jgn marah ye Izza