Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Thanks for existing dearie

i received a lovely email from a reader...

it means so much to me to hear how much the blog has impacted your lives!

i am happy to be a part of something that people can relate to and share together.

thank you for all your support!!

the email:

I´ve been reading ur blog for such a long time and never felt any relation with the storied showed till the day someone posted this:

"I've been staying up all night.

I have no stories about wonderful meeting, fingers twisting my hair, hands around hips. I don't know your smell or warmth or what clothes you're wearing.

I haven't ever met you, but I think I love you...." and so on...

Well i shivered bcoz i had just the same feeling and the story was the same as mine and I was going to do the same as the person on the text. 

Well I did and now I´m going to meet this person next December and I´m so anxious and nervous about it. Just wanted to share this bcoz i feel like ur blog is a friend of mine who reads my thoughts and understand me as well.

thanks for existing dearie

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