Saturday, October 8, 2011

Prayer time of Desolation

Dear Allah...

In the midst of much inner turmoil and restlessness, there’s a consoling thought maybe You are working in me in a way I can’t yet feel, experience, or understand. My mind is not able to concentrate on You, and it seems as if You are absent and have left me alone. But in faith, I cling to You. I believe that Your spirit reaches deeper and further than my mind or heart and those profound movements are not the first to be noticed.

Therefore, Allah, I promise I will not turn away, not give up, not stop praying, even when all seems useless, pointless and a waste of time and effort. I want to let You know that I love You though I don’t feel loved by You, and that I hope in You even though I often experience despair. Let this be a little dying I can do with You and offer You as a way of expressing some solidarity with the millions in this world who suffer far more than I do.


Notes: My thoughts and prayers are with you...

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